Image of Theater "NippleJesus" with Gilles Tschudi


Theater "NippleJesus" with Gilles Tschudi

NippleJesus is a play by Nick Hornby. Gilles Tschudi plays the museum guard Dave, who guards a controversial piece of art. A smart and humorous insight into the art scene and a plea for the freedom of art.


Sat. 27. January


19.30 – 22.00 Uhr


Event Hall

Bouncer Dave (Gilles Tschudi) is tasked with guarding a very special piece of art in his new job as a museum guard: "NippleJesus", a depiction of Jesus on the cross. Upon closer inspection, he understands the reason for the strict security measures. The work is a collage of female nipples cut out from porn magazines. This initially shocks Dave too, and he carries out his assignment with enormous reluctance. However, when he gets to know the artist personally, he finds completely new approaches and soon he even begins to defend the artwork against the outraged viewers. When the exhibit is destroyed in an attack, things take a surprising turn.

With the theater monologue NippleJesus, British best-selling author Nick Hornby ("Fever Pitch", "High Fidelity", "About A Boy") humorously questions the contemporary art scene and our subjective view of art. The play is a humorous plea for the freedom of art and at the same time an invitation to everyone to grapple with the eternal questions of what art is and what it wants and should be, and to find their own unique approach.

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