On December 1, 2023 Enter Technikwelt Solothurn will open: Switzerland's largest interactive museum for analogue and digital technology. Here you will find all the news until the launch - our old location at the station will be closed from June 1st.

The ENTER Museum becomes the Enter Technikwelt Solothurn

In Derendingen - only a 10-minute drive from Solothurn railway station - we are creating the 10,000m² Enter Technikwelt Solothurn. It will bring the ENTER Museum into the future and allow all generations to experience the rapid pace of technological development.

  • Over 5,000m² of interactive exhibitions
  • Entertaining events
  • Exciting group tours
  • Workshops in electronics, letterpress printing and more
  • Bistro with lunch menus
  • State-of-the-art event rooms
  • New areas for letterpress and vehicles
  • Opening of Enter Technikwelt: November 2023

Live Webcam

Follow the construction progress of Enter Technikwelt live with our construction site webcam.

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Support Enter Technikwelt

Over 80 % of the financing for our new building has been secured. For the rest, we are also counting on you: as a museum, we are dependent on public support. With your donation, you help to ensure that our collection, which is unique in Switzerland, is preserved and that we can inspire future generations with technology.

Many thanks for your support - also to all those who have already donated.

More info on support options for companies and individuals:

Donate directly online (RaiseNow)

Donate via bank transfer

Regiobank Solothurn

IBAN CH16 0878 5044 0553 0512 6

Thank you for the wide support

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Advisory Board Enter Technikwelt

Prof. Dr. Jérôme Baudry, EPFL

Prof. Dr. David Gugerli, ETH

Ernst Härri, CRGS

Prof. Dr. Theo Mäusli, SRF

Prof. Dr. Jean-Daniel Nicoud, EPFL

Robert Weiss, Computer History Expert

Our project partners

Architecture and visualisation

Museum design
Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG

MMWyss GmbH

Shop & Services

The electronics shop is open Wednesdays from 13:30 to 17:00 and is already located at the new address Gewerbestrasse 4, 4552 Derendingen.More information about the shop and our services can be found on the current Enter website, which will remain online until the Enter Technikwelt opens.