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Is a repair worth it? Is my object museum-worthy? Can I sell it? The Helpdesk for Humans and Technology is a contact point for all your questions about historical technical devices.

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Our relationships with our technical devices are diverse. They accompany us for years, and over time, questions may arise or decisions need to be made. With the Helpdesk for Humans and Technology, Enter Technikwelt Solothurn offers a contact point to answer these questions or simplify decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it no longer worth repairing an old radio?

Repairing is always worth it. "Old" technical devices like radios, televisions, or record players usually have a high degree of functionality and durability. We ensure that your device continues to work for the next years and decades.

Which devices can be brought in?

Our experts specialize in repairing technical devices up until the turn of the century, i.e. until the 1990s.

From which data carriers can the data be digitized?

In our laboratory, we have new and very old playback devices for all kinds of audio and visual media.
Here is a list of the currently available devices:

  • Edison Phonograph (wax cylinders)
  • Gramophone (shellac records)
  • Steel wire (magnetic recording on wire)
  • "Normal" record player (vinyl records, 7 or 12 inches)
  • Tape recorders (music cassettes, tape reels)
  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
  • Film projectors for Normal8, Super8, and 16mm films
  • Video8 / Betacam recorder
  • Video2000 recorder
  • Digital8 / DV recorder
  • Floppy disks
  • Mini-DV
  • VHS / S-VHS recorder
  • Laserdisc
  • Video-CD
  • More are planned