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About us

The Enter Technikwelt Solothurn has emerged from the collecting passion of two entrepreneurs. It is a unique platform that brings together actors, interested parties and objects. With it, we preserve the history of technology and make it accessible to all generations.

Our Mission

The Enter Technikwelt Solothurn is the largest interactive museum in Switzerland for analog and digital technology. Unique collections make the rapid development up to the present day tangible for all generations. Events and workshops create exciting platforms and bring together diverse interest groups.


We preserve significant cultural assets of national and global technological history. With focused use of our resources and extraordinary solutions, we establish a direct connection to the lives of our visitors.


We are enthusiastic, and we inspire. Our passion and the boundless enthusiasm of our founders are palpable and is transfered to our visitors. In this way, we manage to pass on the joy of the past and the future.


We make the technological development of modern times visible and create spaces for further thinking. As a hub, we connect, empower, and motivate our visitors to take initiative and exchange ideas.

The Foundation

The ENTER Foundation supports and manages the Enter Technikwelt as its main field of activity.

It was founded in 2010. The foundation is non-profit and tax-exempt.


Enter Technikwelt Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Jérôme Baudry, EPFL

Prof. Dr. David Gugerli, ETH

Ernst Härri, CRGS

Prof. Dr. Theo Mäusli, SRF

Prof. Dr. Jean-Daniel Nicoud, EPFL

Robert Weiss, Computer History Expert

Our Project Partners

Architecture and Visualization

Museum Design
Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG

MMWyss GmbH

Enter Technikwelt Solothurn. Visualization: Waldrap GmbH

Former Enter Museum in Solothurn.

Former Enter Museum in Solothurn.

Our History

Felix Kunz (entrepreneur, electrical engineer, collector) and Peter Regenass (entrepreneur, electrical engineer, collector) have witnessed the technological development live and up close. Fascinated by the ingenuity and rapid development, they began to document the individual witnesses of the time.

As the collection grew too large for their own homes, the Enter Museum was created almost incidentally: first in the premises of the company (DigitalLogic AG resp. Motorex) and from 2003 in the expanded barn (600 m²) at the residence of Felix Kunz. More and more devices were added: radios, TVs, studio technology, and many other objects of communication technology.

With the foundation of the ENTER Foundation in 2010, the two founders provided the museum with a non-profit framework and laid the foundation for a public museum. The collection also found a new physical home: the old location at the Solothurn railway station was completely renovated and expanded on their own in 2011. The opening in December 2011 was a major milestone.

After a land expropriation due to space requirements of the regional train Solothurn – Bern, the Enter Foundation decided to move the location of the museum to Derendingen. This has created the opportunity to completely rethink the museum and to create a unique world of experience in a new building: the Enter Technikwelt Solothurn.