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Man of the Millennium, Innovator, World Changer: Johannes Gutenberg is a person of significance for an entire millennium – and for all of humanity. With his invention of the printing press with movable letters around the year 1450, he revolutionized the media and cultural history on our planet.

Johannes Gutenberg's invention has literally shaped our world. The idea sounds so simple: instead of painstakingly copying a book letter by letter in writing rooms, it is simply printed in masses using movable type.

Discover the exhibition and get to work in the open studio!

Open Studio (included in the day pass):
  • Papermaking
  • Sewing
  • Origami
  • Printing with wooden letters
Workshops (available for groups)

Listen to the stories behind the printing machines and immerse yourself in Gutenberg's world on a guided tour. All information about the tour here:

Tours & Workshops

Every third Saturday of the month, a public Gutenberg tour takes place. All dates and tickets in the event calendar.
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