Image of New partnership with Bern University of Applied Sciences

01. December 2023

New partnership with Bern University of Applied Sciences

The partnership has resulted in a first joint project: The BFH has rebuilt the internet of the 1990s for the interactive exhibition. This will be installed and experienced soon.

The internet of the 1990s will run on the corresponding computers in the permanent exhibition and offer visitors insights into the emergence of the internet. A selection of Swiss websites from this time will be shown.

The application is unique and will be a one-time attraction. The internet simulator needed for the installation was developed by Bruce Nikkel. Bruce Nikkel is a professor of digital forensics at the BFH and co-director of the Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering ICE. He also offers tours at the Enter Technikwelt Solothurn. According to Bruce Nikkel, the cooperation between the BFH and Enter fits very well, "because both institutions pursue similar goals. They want to educate and inform people."